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My Life | Snow Day

Atlanta doesn’t see snow very often. In fact when we get snow the city shuts down. I kinda love it though. It gives you a chance to pause life and hang out with your family.

It was such a blast being able to get the whole family outside and play in the freezing snow. We are not very outdoorsy as a family so it was a pretty big deal. I loved it!

asteriskphoto-5 asteriskphoto-7 asteriskphoto-14

Babbs makes the snow looks so good. She is so gorgeous! I adore her!


So fun sledding!!


Baby loved sledding down the snowy hills!



asteriskphoto-20 asteriskphoto-22 asteriskphoto-29 asteriskphoto-32


Adri is so adorable! I love this child so much!


She was kinda freaking out over some birds!

asteriskphoto-37 asteriskphoto-50


I’m pretty sure Babbs was trying to get me to fall on the ice!


One of my favorites! Love you Babbs!


Yay! Family selfies are the best!


asteriskphoto-63 asteriskphoto-61

You gotta love that God puts things, such as the snow, to force us to play and hang out with each other! Sometimes life gets busy and you forget that your family is always there for you. Its easy to take that for granted and to live life on the fast lane. Life is short. Embrace each moment that God allows. Be kind and love your family!

Thank you God for the snow!

Did you get to play in the snow? Have any fun stories?

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